Earn Money, Merchandise, Free Dinners, Tickets And More as a Mystery Shopper at select stores in your area!

Mystery Shopping is exciting, interesting and fun. You never know which local business will request you to come out and shop their store. Many shoppers love what they do. Depending on the job… you may get free or discounted products, services plus you’ll be paid a fee!

According to the Wall Street Journal… Jennifer Voitle has mastered the Freebie Economy. A former investment-bank employee who was laid off two years ago, Ms. Voitle has found a new career in the arcane world of dining deals, gift certificates and “mystery shopping,” where companies pay her to test their products and services. She gets paid to shop, eat at restaurants, drink at bars, travel and even play golf. Last month, she made nearly $7,000 from her various freebie adventures. By the end of the year, she could be making more than she did in investment banking, not counting her steady supply of handouts.”

Grocery Stores
Paint Stores
Shopping Malls
Health Clubs
Movie Theaters
Real Estate
Automobile Dealers
Book Stores
Hardware Stores
Toy Stores
Jewelry Stores
Electronics Stores
Theme Parks
Fast Food

Why are Shopping Jobs Available?

It’s very simple, a big company will do a review of their product or service to see if it can be improved. Instead of sending an employee to visit hundreds of their own stores, it’s easier to pay $10-$90 for some local “non-employee” to buy something and report back the experience. Good or bad, they pay because the information you provide has value. They get real user information from someone they don’t have the headache of employing. No benefits, no income taxes to with-hold, no Social security to pay. In their eyes, the small paycheck, free merchandise or services given to mystery shoppers are cheap!

Companies That Pay Mystery Shoppers

Banana Republic Bloomingdale’s
Neiman Marcus
Red Lobster
Taco Bell Olive Garden
Wal-mart And Many More In Your Area.

Typically, the mystery shopper services below will let you access their custom directories of big name companies who will pay you a free for trying out their products, using their services or filling out a survey. Whether it’s dinning out, buying clothes or buying food, there are likely several companies in your home town looking to pay you!

90-day 100% money-back guarantee!

Feel free to review as many mystery shopper services as you wish with confidence. Each offer below comes with a 6 week money back guarantee.

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